Hillary Tenzing Explorer Custom Rolex Explorer Collection


Despite being an unaffiliated Rolex project, Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay unveil their intricately customized collection of Rolex Explorers. The sons of famed mountaineers Sir Edmund and Tenzing – the first humans to have toppled Mt. Everest – have compiled a trio of watches that include the 36mm HTE based on the Oyster Perpetual worn on the initial trek up Mt. Everest. The HTE 39mm commemorates a bridging of generations … Read More →

Bamford Watch Department Custom Rolex Daytona/Milgauss


Since 2004, British watch label Bamford Watch Department has produced state of the art customized watches, tirelessly collaborating with a number of high profile labels including Japanese labels SOPHNET. and mastermind JAPAN. This time round, Bamford has chosen to update two classic Rolex pieces, namely the Daytona and the Milgauss models. The Rolex detailing has largely been retained, whilst the color has been changed to a metallic black, highlighted by … Read More →

Rolex BLACK LTD Edition


Rolex BLACK LTD Edition project follows on the notion of customizing select Rolex watches. However, the releases go a bit further by using well-maintained vintage Rolex styles. Working with select Rolex experts in Geneva, Switzerland, the watches are bed blasted for cleaning and subsequently shipped off to the United States for PDV treatment. The watches are available now through the Lane Crawford jewelry department.

Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer


Rolex is set to commemorate the Everest summit of Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in a major way. Rolex will unveil three extremely limited, customized, versions of the Rolex Explorer Watch, the first of which has made its way to the internet today. The Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Watch #1 sports an extremely clean no frills design. The watch comes complete in a limited climber’s crate which includes NATO … Read More →

Rolex Divomet Prototype


You’re looking at the Rolex Divomet, a never before seen prototype pulled from the depths of the watch experts’ archive. Designed in-house and capable of calculating the depth of oceans or lakes, a bracelet passes through the Divoment’s circular crankcase which contains the mechanism as found in a Bourdon manometer. Interestingly, the watch features a bakelite outter ring, as found on the early GMT 6542s which was created at a … Read More →

Rolex 2010 Submariner Ceramic Bezel


Rolex has officially launched its new updated Rolex Submariner. The watch undergoes a material change on the bezel and replaces the traditional aluminium material in exchange for a more robust and scratch-resistant ceramic. The use of ceramic was previously seen on gold Submariners last year and GMT bezels prior. Two colors are available in black and green with a suggested retail price of $7,400 USD and $7,800 USD respectively. Source: … Read More →

Project X Designs Custom Double Red Rolex Submariner


Although a good portion of customs go awry, these latest two from timepiece customizers Project X Designs are nothing short of impressive. Working with Rolex’s classic Submariner, Project X created two custom “Double Red” watches, the PXD SS2 and PXD SS3, each offering its own set of high end features. Specs for the SS2 include: a DLC coating on a brand new ref 16610LV Rolex, black lume dot, crown removal, … Read More →