Autoblog gives us a peek at a new concept car from French automaker Renault. Along with partner Nissan, the company has been rumored to have dedicated over $5 billion to the cause of creating electric vehicles over the next four years. Although so funky that it’s unlikely to ever hit production, the Renault Frendzy concept car exemplifies some of the cutting-edge and innovative features that the brand’s future offerings will most likely come equipped with. A whimsical, 14-foot-long battery-powered fiend, the Frendzy can supposedly hit up to 80 miles per hour while also accomplishing multipurpose tasks with ease. Making its world debut in September at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show, Renault also claims that the electric concept can literally transform from a workaday vehicle to a family-hauling machine on the weekends. The metamorphosis includes shifting from a large storage-friendly coupe complete with an external display that can showcase messages or advertisements into a roomy family car featuring a big bench seat, touch-sensitive play-pad for children, and even a special drawing slate integrated into one of the car’s doors. Check out the video and see for yourself.


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