Dior Phone Touch


New from Dior comes a high-performance, luxury market touchscreen smartphone. Comprised of 99 pieces all assembled by hand in one of Dior’s French workshops, the phone includes sapphire crystal, steel, gold, diamond and mother-of-pearl components. Measuring 103.1 x 50.3 x 12.8 mm and weighing only 137 grams, the piece is truly a gemstone of an accessory and represents a feat of both technology and design. The Dior Phone Touch can … Read More →

BlackBerry Curve 9350/9360/9370


New from RIM comes a particularly slender (we’re talking 11mm/0.43″) iteration of their popular BlackBerry Curve model. Available in the dual-mode GSM/CDMA 9370, the GSM/UMTS 9360 and the CDMA-only 9350 variants, the new Curves all feature an 800MHz CPU, 512MB of RAM, a 2.44-inch HVGA+ display, a five megapixel EDoF camera (with LED flash and VGA video recording), Bluetooth, GPS and 512MB of built-in storage. Despite the creeping supremacy of … Read More →

Ferrari 458 Spider


New from Ferrari comes the highly-anticipated official release of the 458 Italia’s convertible iteration. The stallion-emblazoned hardtop is exactly what one has come to expect from the brand – masculine, aggressive and supremely stylish. As the world’s first mid-rear engined berlinetta equipped with a retractable hardtop, the 458 Spider’s debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show was nothing short of a big deal. The car’s retracting back-panel mechanism is similar to … Read More →

Sony Alpha A77 Digital Camera


For amateur enthusiasts and pros looking for a backup body, the anticipation is growing for the release of the Sony Alpha A77. This lightweight camera is encased in a black weather-sealed magnesium alloy body and has a battery life of over 500 shots. The spec sheet reads as follows: 24.3 MP Exmor CMOS sensor, ISO 100-16000, 12fps with continuous AF, in-body stabilization, OLED viewfinder, GPS support, face recognition, 2D/3D panorama … Read More →

Mercedes-Benz 2012 SLK55 AMG


The newest addition to the Mercedes-Benz SLK Roadster range is the 2012 SLK55 AMG. At the heart of the car is the signature drop-top and a new aluminum, naturally aspirated V8 5.5 liter power plant (415 hp and 398 lbs-ft of torque) that employs gasoline direct injection with a stop-start feature for greater fuel efficiency. To add icing to the cake, a seven-speed Speedshift Plus 7G-Tronic automatic cog box ensures … Read More →

Benjamin Grosser: Interactive Robot Painting Machine

American artist Benjamin Grosser’s “Robot Painting Machine” is pretty self-explanatorily a mechanical system programmed to respond to certain input (in this case, the sound of its own process) in order to paint a canvas accordingly. During a “performance,” aural cues are captured by a microphone and subjected to fourier analysis to be broken down into useful data for the machine, which then integrates the information into a genetic algorithm that … Read More →

Sony dev-5 Digital Binoculars


New from Sony comes a product that is sure to excite birdwatchers and peeping Toms the world over. Dubbed as the first-ever digital binoculars, the dev-5 offers requisitely high levels of magnification as well as the opportunity to record full HD video (including stereo sound), an option to use a 3D record mode which captures scenes in stereoscope for playback on 3D-ready devices, and even the ability to take 7.1-megapixel … Read More →

Lotus Exige Matte Black Final Edition


British automobile manufacture Lotus has been featured in several news reports recently. Fresh off the announcement of a partnership with Swizz Beatz, Lotus debuts the Exige Matte Black Final Edition. Launched for the U.S. market, the Exige features a new exterior but has kept all the same internal features as previous foreign releases. Collectors should act fast, as only 25 models of this vehicle have been put into production. Source: … Read More →

2012 Porsche 911


Although an official release wasn’t expected until next month, leaked images of what seems to be the 2012 Porsche 911 have hit the net. Leftlane provides some insight into the new design changes: “Up front, LED running lights are no longer arranged in line with the trapezoidal air ducts they hover over but instead migrate further towards the corners of the car, while the iconic circular headlamps seem to be virtually … Read More →

S.T. Dupont Minijet Lighter


Your regular Bic will look rather inadequate alongside the Minijet from accessories brand S.T. Dupont. The line of lighters are featured in electrifying colors with a sleek overall design. Each piece can also be personalized through engraving. The lighter dispenses a straight blue flame through the compact package. Available at S.T. Dupont boutiques globally. Source: www.fashion-press-.net