Military-Designed “Bat Hook” Lets You Charge Your Phone from Overhead Power Lines

the psyentific times

When you think about it, it’s ridiculous to spend the effort lugging around spare batteries, hand-cranked chargers, piezoelectric gadgets, and all the other half-baked solutions we depend on to resuscitate a dead phone. There’s a potent supply of free power just waiting to be tapped, right above our heads. No, not the sun — overhead power lines. The Bat Hook is as simple as any plug-in charger, but it’s great … Read More →

McLaren Formula One Designer Unveils New Minicar, Smaller (And Cooler) Than Smart Car

The T.25 Minicar, unveiled Monday, is a new generation of city car designed by a Formula One engineer. Gordon Murray DesignRide in the center like Mario Andretti A new tiny car designed by a Formula One engineer tops out at 80 mph, but it can ride two to a lane, suggesting a new way to reduce congestion on city streets. The T.25, designed by McLaren F1 maker Gordon Murray, runs … Read More →