Sony HMZ-T1 Personal 3D Viewer


Sony today announced the launch of their new HMZ-T1, a personal head-mounted device that offers a spectacular new style for viewing both 2D and 3D content. Simply slip the device onto your head to experience the movie theater-like virtual screen (equivalent to a 750-inch screen) expand before your eyes. The HMZ-T1 is equipped with the newly-developed 0.7-inch (diagonal 18.0mm) high definition OLED panel (1280 x 720), which has been realized … Read More →

Ford EVOS Concept Car


Set to make its debut next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Ford introduces an impressive new concept car: the EVOS. Having last wowed car enthusiasts at the 2005 Frankfurt show with their Losis concept car, Ford sets a new standard in the car technology by seamlessly blending the relationship between the car and driver via information integration. Aptly titled, the EVOS will be the first of its kind to … Read More →

Land Rover Defender DC100 Concept


The often dependable Land Rover Defender has been an automotive icon over the years but yet like everything, a contemporary update for the times could bode well with Land Rover aiming for a 2015 update. The DC100 Concept to be presented at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show will provide more than aesthetics as the SUV will be put on display, including overviews of its performance and technical capabilities. Source: Autoblog

Wacom Inkling


Walcom has turned the world upside down for artists with the introduction of its Wacom Inkling pen. The “old school” workflow for artists meant those who worked in analog format prior to digitizing their work required a further scanning process. But now with the Inkling, you’re able to work digitally and analogously in the same step as the pen, and a sensor records all the necessary movements which can then … Read More →

Fujifilm X10 – A Closer Look


Making its debut, the Fujifilm X10 camera is finally given a closer look which in turn presents some impressive features. Seen here, the Fujifilm X10 includes a convenient power switch on the lens that has a quick start-up time of 0.8 seconds. Other details include a 1080p video recording feature and four auto bracketing options for ISO, exposure, dynamic range and film simulation. Look for the X10 to start shipping to Fujifilm retailers this … Read More →

Lockheed’s SAMARAI Monocopter Makes Its Public, Neon-Lit Debut


As promised, Lockheed Martin finally put its SAMARAI monocopter drone on display at AUVSI’s drone extravaganza in D.C. this week, for the first time flying it before a public audience as PopSci and everyone else in the air demo area looked on in awe. After all, the thing has just one rapidly rotating wing–it doesn’t really look like it can stay aloft by itself. Seeing, however, is believing. The name (it’s … Read More →

Casio G-Shock “Men in Smoky Gray” Collection


It has been a relatively long few months since Casio G-Shock has unveiled a unified series of watches under a color theme. The “Men in Smoky Gray” collection breaks that trend with three new popular models based on the Gulfman GW-9110, Riseman GW-9200 and finally the Mudman GW-9300. Radio synchronization is a common feature among the watches for daily accuracy. A separate contrasting color differentiates the models from one another … Read More →

Deus Ex: The Eyeborg Documentary

What we can create using today’s technology is truly limitless. Rob Spence (also known as Eyeborg) takes us through not only his journey of replacing his eye with a wireless camera but he investigates other incredible stories of prosthetics, cybernetics and human augmentation. The documentary was timed with the release of the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution video game and was commissioned by the Deus Ex‘s publisher Square Enix. This documentary looks to answer the questions of how … Read More →

IWC Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia Watch


After ten years of intensive research, Swiss watch manufacturer IWC has succeeded in uniting solar time with sidereal time, together with astronomical displays, in a single watch. The result is a fascinating universal work of art which comes with a wealth of surprising complications and new technical features. The Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia is the most complex timepiece ever created by IWC. The Portuguese Sidérale Scafusia was designed to bring together … Read More →

Cadillac Ciel Concept

The Cadillac Ciel, translating to “sky” in French, is named for its convertible look that stretches the boundaries of what Cadillac can produce. Still only a concept car, the Ciel is a four-seat convertible that has all the sleek features of a usual Cadillac car with an impressive twin-turbo 3.6 liter V6 engine, 425 bhp (317 kW / 431 PS) and 430 lb-ft (583 Nm) coupled to a hybrid transmission powering an all-wheel-drive system. The video … Read More →