Elipson x colette Planet L Speaker


The Planet L speakers from Elipson are designed exclusively for colette in limited numbers. The spherical speakers are colored with colette’s signature blue and are made with Elipson’s high-end design and acoustic technology. The Planet L is equipped with a coaxial 2-way driver, high-quality fidelity and fabric dome tweeter for superb versatile sound. For convenience, the speakers are available with an exclusive stand and a wall mount bracket. You can pre-order the speakers online now exclusively … Read More →

Jarre AeroSystem One Speakers


Sleek, stylish and sophisticated, the new Jarre AeroSystem One speakers restores the crystal clear sounds musicians meticulously produce in music studios. The speakers took four years to develop and are compatible with all iPod and iPhone models as well as coming with an integrated USB 2.0 port and a mini-jack port that offers the ability to connect to laptops, CD/DVD players, smartphones, hard-disk files, vinyl and more. With the combination of both … Read More →

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 x Microsoft Xbox 360


Those looking to upgrade their Microsoft Xbox 360 or simply huge fans of the Modern Warfare franchise are given this new option with a specialty version of the gaming console. Painted in a militaristic gray, the internal specs include a 320 GB hard drive, a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, two custom wireless controllers, a one month Xbox LIVE Gold subscription, and custom sounds when the console … Read More →

JVC GC-PX10 Hybrid Camera


Life can change in a split second. An athlete can win or lose a match, or a nature watcher can catch or miss a crucial moment. That once-in-a-lifetime hero shot can happen any time, and it’s all yours, if you’re ready. The GC-PX10 from JVC allows you to capture scenes and discover what’s really there — through high-resolution digital stills at 60 frames per second, or progressive Full HD videos … Read More →

Tivoli PAL+ & Model 10+ Clock Radios


Tivoli Audio is showing two new models from the PAL series of clock radios, the PAL+ and the Model 10+. While basically the same in design as the rest of the PAL devices, the PAL+ is weather-resistant, battery-powered, and weighs a mere 1.85 pounds. The Model 10+ is stationery, but works in conjunction with its own iPod dock to wirelessly play music. The sound quality is not the greatest in … Read More →

Philips Fidelio SoundRing


The Philips Fidelio SoundRing is an amazing piece of technology that utilizes Apple’s AirPlay®, which allows you to play music in your home from any device – PC, iPod, iPad, etc. The design is essentially a ring that distributes sound equally in all directions, allowing for a superior listening experience without any strings (wires) attached. The model is portable and has a rechargeable battery. More detailed information is offered here.

Fujifilm X10 Promotional Video

As part of the upcoming release of the Fujifilm X10 camera, Fujifilm presents a teaser video offering a closer look into the specifications of the camera. The video dives into everything you’ll need to know about the X10 camera from the newly developed lens to the HD recorder. The sleek black design features precision metal dials, a lens hoop and adapter ring, a lens cap, and a leather carrying case. … Read More →

Jawbone ICON HD + The NERD

The Jawbone ICON HD Bluetooth headset and The NERD wire-free USB adapter are the perfect combination of hands-free talking and audio streaming clarity. The bundle package allows you to talk or stream music from your computer and receive calls from your phone at the same time for multitasking capability. The Jawbone ICON HD is equipped with military-grade NoiseAssassin 2.5 with wind reduction, the world’s most advanced noise cancellation technology. To instantly connect and start using … Read More →

ARTCRANK x Trek District Bike


Trek has been consistent in a more artistic approach to their select bicycles through collaborative ventures as few other parties can bring the same unique vision as ARTCRANK. ARTCRANK is a bicycle-inspired poster show that highlights to the works of talented local artists. With a mutual team up that works on their penchant for bikes, both have worked together to bring a fresh perspective to the District model. Check out the … Read More →

2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser Trail Teams Special Edition


Toyota’s 2012 FJ Cruiser rugged off-road vehicle recently earned itself a Trail Teams Special Edition makeover. The Trail Teams model comes equipped with off-road lights that improve nighttime visibility, water-resistant seats and a rubber floor. The Radian Red paint includes black accented features and an official Trail Team badge for an overall sleek look. When it comes to the specifications, the car includes a standard 260-hp 4.0-liter V6 engine, a cyclone pre-air cleaner to trap dirt, a multi-information display … Read More →