EOps x Michael Young i24R3 Wireless Speaker System – Extreme Limited Edition


Designed by Michael Young, this wireless multi-room speaker system contains features like motion sensor controls, a wireless transmitter that allows you to stream music from iTunes, and gold aluminum speaker grills. Limited to a run of only 60 units, each speaker has been numbered and signed by Young himself. The complete speaker system is priced at approximately $1,030 USD and is available for purchase exclusively through colette.

The Real MTV Show {music videos} Rock-Psy Style

Bruno Mars – The Lazy Song (Alternate Version) After going bananas with his friends in one take, Bruno Mars serves an entertaining alternate version of “The Lazy Song” music video. Instead of taking action in front of the lenses, the crooner passes the spot to famed actor Leonard Nimoy aka Star Trek‘s original Mr. Spock. Dressed in a housecoat, the 80-year-old actor is taking it a bit too easy in … Read More →

A Visual History of Daft Punk Helmets


The visual aesthetic of Daft Punk has had just as much of an effect on their popularity as their groundbreaking music. Daft fan wolf_boy2027 put together a visual timeline regarding the evolution of the Daft Punk helmet as worn by Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter. The group has been highly visible over the last few months thanks to their inclusion in this season’s TRON: Legacy movie

Daft Punk x Medicom Toy x Monster TRON: Legacy Headphones


Daft Punk, Medicom Toy and Monster join forces to create a TRON: Legacy-inspired pair of headphones. Daft Punk has been a musical cornerstone for the upcoming movie with the headphones representing just the tip of the merchandising iceberg. In terms of features they include light-up LEDs with an aesthetic inline with the costumes worn by Daft Punk in their movie cameo. The headphones will retail for $350 USD and include … Read More →

To Lee, With Love, Nick – A Tribute to Alexander McQueen By Nick Knight (Music by Björk)

In commemoration of the groundbreaking design work of the late great Alexander McQueen, offered today is a fashion film dedicated to the fashion icon’s illustrious career. Directed by Nick Knight, the visual tribute pays homage to McQueen’s extensive creations, his career, and most importantly to the man himself. The music surrounding this piece is an exclusive soundtrack provided by Björk which can be heard throughout the video. . To Lee, … Read More →

WatchMojo: The History of Daft Punk

This year more than ever, French electro duo Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter or more commonly known as Daft Punk have had a highly visible presence in mainstream culture. As an integral part of the new TRON: LEGACY movie, the group has been a seminal figurehead in bringing electronic music to the masses. WatchMojo go in-depth regarding Daft Punk’s history and musical progressions over the years. .

Daft Punk’s “Derezzed”

The official video for the lead-single “Derezzed”. The clip follows Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter partaking in an intensely spaced-out video game duel turned digitally real. The movie the film will be presented in IMAX 3D and Disney Digital 3D out now. .

Phonon phd SMB-02 Headphones


Phonon is a new audio brand from Japan, formed by Isao Kumano, a highly respected sound and mastering engineer, along with his partner in the music production team Tokyo Black Star, New York-based DJ Alex Prat aka Alex from Tokyo, and producer/audio technician Yusuke Uchiyama (no milk). The trio have spent years researching sound delivery and have now invented a revolutionary audio device dubbed the “phd”. The slender device vibrates … Read More →

TDK Boombox


An ode to the ghetto blasters that dominated stoops, bboy circles, and street corner gatherings TDK introduces a new line of boomboxes in a 3 and 2 speak model. While retaining subtle characteristics and analog feel of the original models in shape and oversized speakers the new variations offer touch sensitive controls, digital display panels, USB, 3.5mm and RCA auxiliary ports and 6 inch speakers for that crystal clear sound. … Read More →

Djay App


The iPad’s 9.7 inch display offers one of the more unique user interfaces around for app designers. German software developers Algoriddim have taken full advantage of that functionality turning your iPad screen into a virtual turntable set. Complete with two decks, crossfader, individual channel mixers, volume controls, pitch blend sliders, and automix capability the Djay app from Algoriddim smoothly transitions the vinyl scratching sound of turntables into the virtual realm. … Read More →