Custom Project: Nike Air Diamond Turf I (2010) x The Leopard


First let me just say that by far this has been my most favorite turnout of a custom project. Just coming before the upcoming release of a few retro colorways of the new Diamond Turf. I did a few searches to find a pair of medium to ok condition OG pairs, but then I remembered that they came out again and tracked down a pair of those instead. I feel … Read More →

Custom Project: Jordan 6 “Pistons” x Dubai


This Idea came from just doing a bit of reaching. Didn’t start with an actual idea and the client just wanted something with an old pair that wasn’t getting any much needed attention. For starters let me just say that I PREFER to work with new sneakers, but working  with an older pair means more creative freedom, which goes a long way. Treated the upper to restore the nubuck and … Read More →

From The Custom Vaults of Rock-It Psyence … Jordan 6 retro “Lakers” x Armand De Brignac


   This pair was put together for a client who wanted to take some old beaters and give them new life. The inspiration behind these came from a mixture of the Armand De Brignac champagne and our clients company logo which also uses the spade as the center focus piece. 14k Gold accents were added, from the gold leaf arabesque pattern added to the uppers, as well as the gold … Read More →

New Era Presents: Tattoo Age – Troy Denning Part 1

The Tattoo Age video series by New Era and Vice premiers a new video as they catch up with tattoo artist Troy Denning. The video checks in with Denning as he talks about creating and running one of the biggest tattoo parlors on the East Coast. As the New Era cameras follow Denning around New York City, check out other artists and friends at the shop as they all chat about today’s tattoo … Read More →

Inked Girl: Episode 2 featuring Alesandra Nicole

Produced as part of Ink Magazine‘s September issue, this short video gives viewers a glance into what it’s like to shoot a cover spread with one of the publication’s infamous tatted-up models. This month, Alesandra Nicole posed for the shoot, discussing her ink and her career along the way. Definitely worth checking out for fans of tattoos, girls or all of the above. .

Sandcrawler-Inspired Building by Aedas for Lucasfilm


Lucasfilm is constructing a new building made of glass and steel that looks exactly like an enormous, gleaming replica of a Sandcrawler – the iconic mining vehicle in Star Wars used by Jawas to descend into sand dunes. It’s expected to house Lucasfilm, LucasArts, an animation team, and a 100-seat movie theater. The joint project between Aedas architectural firm and Fusionopolis will open at the tail end of 2012 and … Read More →

Medicom Toy Bearbrick 400% “Daruma”


It’s not all about being futuristic and hi-tech in Japan, as traditional art and culture still inspire local creators and manufactures. The Daruma has become synonymous with Zen and good luck charm as it has evolved into such a strong point of Japanese heritage. The history of the original paper doll dates back to the mid-1700s in ancient Japan. Though Daruma is not confined to the past, Tokyo-based toymaker Medicom … Read More →

Nike Graphic Art Studio Show at Compound Gallery


Early this month, Nike is running a month-long art exhibition that will showcase the brand’s vast creative and design history. This artistic foray will feature several pop-art translated Nike props that will be showcased at Portland’s Compound Gallery. Profits generated from this exhibition will be donated directly to the recovery reliefs to continuously support the tsunami-affected regions in Japan. Be sure to check out the exhibition before it ends later … Read More →

Scott Campbell Prison Tattoo Video

Documented and directed by Casey Neistat, this exclusive video from earlier this year follows artist and designer Scott Campbell around New York City as he prepares to give a “prison tattoo” to a friend. The video features still shots by The Selby with Campbell speaking about his opinion of tattoos, the first tattoo he received, and his artwork. As seen in the video, the “prison tattoo” is an archaic device consisting of a … Read More →